Day: 1 Year And 5 Days!

So I haven’t post for a while and that is an understandment. Just posting to let all you readers know I will be posting again.  Yes I did graduate early but things are a little rocky but I will get things down. 


Will post later. This had been RinaSays.

Day 3 and I’m feeling Sleepy

So trying to wake myself up, but I can’t seem to shake the last bit of it off me. However, I will still get ready to go to school, even though I feel like crawling in bed. You know how they say high school was fun, but college had all the parties, but made it totally sucky because you had more studies times 10. Well I feel like my life is vice versa minus the parties. So does that mean my college life will be different. So if I will be telling of my life, I guess I should tell you more about me, than the small little post I give everyday. Well remember the whole vice versa thing, well I’m super swamp with school and helping out at home, I only get like three to four hours to relax and I do that with my family and future husband. You all, already know that I am 17, but times like this, I feel seriously like I am way older than I really am. However the wisdom I have, has it perks. But I don’t believe I know everything yet. Some I have experienced just from seeing others and I have had my own, but I have never experienced with some things that are way worse than anything I have seen. However I am not asking for any of those things. I am really happy with my little battle and I’m not to excited to go to full out blown war.

So to the next post. This has been RinaSays.

Still Day 2 and I’m Feeling Good!

So to all my reading fans. I have just came home from school. I don’t know if I haven’t mention this yet, but I’m a junior in high school trying to graduate with the Senior class. So I have a lot of work to do and with God, my sister ,my boyfriend (soon-to-be husband) and other supporting characters in my life, I know I can do it. I just have to juggle a few things, get into the zone with it and hope it all goes well.

Until the next post, later.

Day 2 and I’m feeling food.

Okay so it’s like 6 in a morning and I’m getting ready for school and I’m feeling really hunrgy you guys. I mean I have so much I’m doing right now in school. For instance trying to graduate early in my junior year, something that is kinda impossible at my school for some kids, but I know I can do. I also have to go through some serious relationship problems with my mom, who thinks I’m a totally immature brat who needs to sit down and let the adults do all the work. She also hates my relationship with my boyfriend, who is the greatest guy ever! We’ve been together for a year and four months and he proposed to me! We’re to get married in May 21st of 2014 or 2015. He means the world to me and he knows me better than all my friends, well he doesn’t know me actually like my sister. But they’re both neck and neck when it comes to me about how I hfeel and stuff like that. So how about this rush down memory lane. Have to go will do another post later after I finish getting ready for school. So anyone who have learn about my blog, get ready for an exciting and twisting ride.

“Just be yourself and the world will notice. You just have to decide how you will let it affect you.”

Okay so this will be my one of many posts on RinaSays. I made this blog to tell the world how I feel and to let the world come and say how they feel as well, but I’m not letting anyone say anything cruel about someone else post. This blog is to be true to yourself, but don’t hinder others from doing so.

“Just be yourself and th…